Friday, January 29, 2016

Oven Kompor

Oven is the equipment used for baking. Bake cooking or baking oven itself wear it includes methods most often found in a variety of recipes. Based on his own practicality, oven divided into two types, namely electric oven and the oven tangkring.

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There are some differences between tangkringan oven and electric oven, among others:

Harga Oven Kompor

    Oven tangkringan more troublesome than the electric oven. Where before cooking then we shall lift tangkring oven is first up on the stove. Tangkring oven so that the position is more stable, usually wear stone prop.

    Compared tangkringan oven, electric oven is not troublesome. If you want to wear, just plug the cord to the power plug, you can use as needed.

    For tangkring oven, you have to estimate the temperature of the oven because there is no thermometer in it. Unlike the electric oven which has been equipped with a timer at the same temperature. However, for those who prefer a tangkringan oven can handle by purchasing a special oven thermometer which is sold in some specialty cake shop.

    Oven tangkringan usually do not have a fire at the top, but there are a few brands with niche at the top as a storage area over to a fire at the top.

    Tangkringan oven is more efficient than an electric oven. Oven stove tangkringan wear, you can wear LPG stove or a kerosene stove. While the electric oven itself wear to the average electricity consumption of 400 watts more power.

Well, based on the advantages and disadvantages of electric ovens and oven tangkringan above, of course you can consider which ones should be chosen according to the budget and needs of course. For oven tangkringan own brands are widely known and populist is brand butterfly. Prices oven stove butterfly also priced around hundreds of thousands depending on its size. For the price, certainly more affordable than tangkringan oven electric oven. So, oven tangkringan very suitable for use for the beginner who wants to learn to make cakes.
There are a few tips to wear oven tangkringan of butterfly you need to know the following:
1. Use a stove with a size of proportion to the size of the oven, so that the maximum combustion products.
2. Before using the oven, you should make sure the position of the oven so as not skewed. This is so that the cake is burned is not ripe or thick door.
3. When using the oven, you can give him a little space there is between the top of the stove with oven tangkringan basis, so that the air circulation more smoothly so that the fireplace is not interrupted.
4. Give the distance between the rear wall of the oven at the rear of the oven if there is a wall about 10 cm to provide air circulation in the oven.
5. If the oven and stove located in an open area, you can make a screen to cover the rear, left or right of the oven so that the air flow is protected and the flame was awake.

Well, that's a few tips for you to wear oven tangkringan oven tangkringan loyal lovers especially fans. Currently, the price of butterfly own oven stove priced around Rp 200 thousand to 500 thousand rupiah.
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