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Kenapa Harus Pediasure?

actually been a long time nyimpen articles on ini..tapi so keinget subjem salahs atu mom answered on the mailing list and lengka Tutans same hood Mba Yeye..dans ost summary of some mailing lists (HEALTH, AFB, PG, BM dlll) so just wanted to repost aja .. as answers to some family environment and neighbors ya pda's consumption of liquid food ... is an easy helpful ..

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Frankly .. while reading an email about an deg2 pediasure ... I pray .. hehehe ... surely ... surely there is SP who will respond ... Alhamdulillah ... Yuli (Pudji) has responded is your right to decide .. but .. careful when buying ... it's an old saying that is not diminished with time ... Pediasure is liquid food ... for severely ill children ... on the other hand .. in health ... no shortcuts ... eat ya eat ..dalam sefisiologis forms possible (the medical term) or perhaps a natural se
(It was his layman's terms)

ate there should be no phytikimia its fiber ... ... eating is experience
and entertainment. .. Not just that fat children ...
Feeding VAIR only for the child after the cutting operation and the bowel
Other hawat case ... feeding liquid to the long-term course
akanmempengaruhi konerja our digestive sal .. among others ... jaw
be small ... teeth into irregular layout

Finally ... when we / you little time ago ... definitely do not ever want to eat ... if you were granted pediasure? Her lucky older generation .. not too be bulan2an ad ....
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Hanni Wrote:

Abbott on its website (producers Pediasure) clearly know that Pediasure is called Therapeutic Nutrient, or Nutrition for treatment, intended for children who are severely ill and major surgery that difficulty digesting. Thus, taking pediasure (and nutren & the like) means not using alat2 digestion perfectly and maximum. And do not forget .. digestion begins in the mouth of .. because during chewing, we produce enzymes that play a role also will help the stomach to process food. This is obviously important, you know friends. , because many digestive problems that arise (maybe not now, in the future tp anak2 us) attributable digestive chain is not functioning due to our frequency by-pass (from the mouth to the stomach .. -glek directly not through the process of chewing)

One more thing which is my real experience, as a parent of
a child who experience delays in speaking. Some doctors
we went to check the time my son was asked "How old started
solid food? "and" How to diet ".. I used to think, ah .. what the hell
do eat with talk! # $% ^ !! Tapiii turned out to eat
solid food, our speech organs, particularly muscles of our oromotor
practice, and this greatly helped shape a child's ability to speak.
According dsa-ku, has been proven through research that the longer a child-eating soft foods (especially liquid!) And rarely uses his mouth to chew solid, the odds of trouble speaking also getting bigger.

Such was the greatness of God .. create all organs of the body are
hooked, who helped prepare the organ functions and capabilities
More ... hopefully we can keep that incredible mandate,
as well as possible. .Aamiin!

/ Hanni
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Dr. Wati wrote
CICI - pediasure
Ouch why adit given pediasure I had many discussions dg DRG because they will give a seminar on dental health in children, and I was asked to speak on aspects pediatrician One issue is that so FEEDING SUPPLEMENT FOR FLUOR side effects

Second, the wrong diet such as drinking milk bottle to bed;
the food in the blender until the strain over the age of 9 months. then eat foods like pediasure !!!

Kids who do not learn to chew jaw does not grow, the gums are not
healthy Secondly, pediasure for children oper ation intestine, for example, has continued
bowel, now can not be given regular meals, love deh liquid food.
Third, pediasure morbidly provide fiber, morbidly provide phytochemicals
a substance that is useful to prevent cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.
Start eating regular deh aja, let me just a little but often.
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Yulli wrote:

Pediasure morbidly superior to regular milk. Pediasure is food
liquid so seberulnya made to anak2 severe pain that can not eat
solid food. Kaprahan is a mistake - giving pediasure on the child's mouth
ill to eat. Eating is part of education, experimentation, experience,
adventure. liquid meal just when your child severe pain, postoperative
bowel. He is more expensive kreena packingnya cans, sugar is not lactose but
sucrose, fat specialty fats biuat severely ill children. So, do not need
pediasure wear, let alone the sweet taste of a meal should be physiological /
meaning that normal2 only.

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Welcome dimilis joko pack healthy ...

I think the problem child tuh difficulty eating and lots of classical problems
anak2 experiencing this phase, like my son pasha ... I used too
Like pediasure give to my first child when she again broke down
eat ... but this list dr. wati and other sp told that eating it is
an experience and a distinguished process. involves the mechanism of the body from the mouth, through digestion .. So if his son more difficult
eating, feeding or pediasure is not the way out ... so
reply. must be done is to diversify the food or the way
presentation. ..to more information, pak joko can download
sound files from the website mailing list sig. anak2 menu ...

pediasure it actually benefits only for anak2 that have
digestive disorders in the pack, not at all as a substitute for milk
let alone the food ... so it should be stopped just pack pediasurenya. ..and to
milk, preferably guns need to drink formula ... for real
such as the content of milk formula. AA, DHA dkknya tuh no avail .. .It TSB. are confirmed by IDAI and other artikel2, it was all just a trick of milk producers ... so it's just enough milk to UHT or pasteurized milk and sebianya aja yg. just plain u / avoid high sugar in milk flavor ... oh yes, milk jugabukan again as the main menu u / children over 1 year, but only as a calcium intake of milk .. So the guns should be varied merely ... dg. Other intake mouth. high calcium, such as. cheese

sorry ya already stands. ..kalau pak joko still want to know more
in sig. milk, immunization or lain2nya ... could see the website mailing list file
healthy or previous posts or ask again also ... the SP guns apa2
very baik2 here and I'm sure especially sig. the food, the other SP more
expert dr i ...
Gendi Jatikusumah (father of pasha & SASI)

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Turns PEDIASURE ... ..
but why Pediasure "allowed" Wara Wiri in Indo yach? whereas misleading? hmmmm ... ???

aahh .. gak tau kayak Indonesia ajah .. lol .. so now we live, the mak-mak to be wise nyari sedalam2nya and reliable information to our children.

flora kilapong:
fortunately come PG (your parents) so a lot of knowledge, including the matter of first Pediasure sempet almost bought ... already ditaro in trolly continue until the cashier ... as there were "whispering" do not need to be purchased ... and finally I put it on the table before Zephaniah daddynya cashier sich weve already wanti2 "just do not ever love Pediasure" Zephaniah appetite moreover not problematic
(Ko 'so vent) so kasian aza yach to anak2 which is still much less consumption as a solution short Pediasure children lazy meal, her parents also because the price is not cheap lo http://mafiaharga.com/261-harga-susu-pediasure/ setauku if outside, Pediasure it is used for a sick child / hospitalization so can not eat as befits a normal child / healthy eating

bubz mom:
Quote from: th3 on January 07, 2008, 12:08:23 pm

Hai..hai ... duh, dah lama ga ... followup post euy linings so squirt Ah, in mah BYK misleading advertising Indonesia, Gatau YLKI pd doing ... kayak drug ads pan Byk jg yg sgt misleading .... Back 2 topic, fortunately bli ... I ga kebeli pediasure, hehehe ....

Skrg jg Joshua lost his appetite arises, klo food which he likes to plate Abis, klo ga like a mouthful aja trus geleng2 alias gamau, can not be persuaded ....
The compensation is so frequent eating schedule, the day can 6x ,,, ditawarin buburlah, cereal-lah, gruel-lah, what aja deh .... The result? Okay, Josh BB still passable ,,, but his mother ... Wow! Wong Quote Josh gamau khan dear mama its food jd yg nyikat ...: P

indeed yah age children mknnya ilang lust arise? I was too mu ... abis mertu nyobain pediasure protest mulu burhan not gede2 bdnnya! even though his father who incidentally anakya burhan ndiri of small jg not ever fat! my doctor said it was fine weighing jg gak naek during 4bulan ya ... for want mkn the mouth dimkn mknnan drained ma super active aktifitasnya..maklum burhan.ampe2 snooze bgt aja diem .... can not fit I should love pediasure tanyain, doctors need not blng org healthy childrenkoq, love aja tuk vutamin immunity!
Quote from: flora kilapong on January 08, 2008, 01:29:45 pm

so kasian aza yach to anak2 which is still much less consumption as a solution short Pediasure children lazy meal, her parents also because the price is not cheap lo ...

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Create more details about VIOLATION has done Pediasure manufacturer, NeoSure, etc ..... try clicking on http://www.sehatgroup.web.id/isiHigh.asp?highID=15
Here are a few excerpts ...

Headquartered in suburban Chicago, Abbott producing pharmaceuticals, nutritional products, and medical products. Abbott has a market in over 130 countries.

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